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Monday, April 19, 2010

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

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Monday, December 7, 2009


All kinds of cooking sauce cobek, distinctive style of the sunda suburbs, who resented by the first ancestors, including:

- Cobek ayam;(fried or baked)
- Cobek ikan mas, nila, lele, patin, gurame;(fried or baked)
- Cobek pete;(fried or baked)
- Cobek terubus;( baked)
- Cobek terong;(fried or baked)
- Cobek genjer;(soaked in hot water)
- Cobek kangkung;(steamed)
- Cobek tomat hijau muda.(fried or baked)
- Cobek oncom hitam.( baked)
- Cobek singkong.(fried or baked)
- Cobek talas/ bolang leafs.(steamed & mashed) 
- Cobek gabus/jambal fish (ikan asin).(fried or baked)
- Cobek honje fruit. ( Jakarta's people said : "Sambal Obama", Becouse it seems that :
black, sweet and fresh ).

Please try it now,...............................

How do we make sambal cobek :

The Materials required:

-salt, (is estimated to be enough).
-brown sugar/ palm sugar, (is estimated to be enough).
-3 pcs red onions
-shrimp/ terasi, (is estimated to be enough).
-cayenne pepper /cabe rawit/cabe merah, (is estimated to be enough).
-kencur, (is estimated to be enough).
-ginger/ jahe, (is estimated to be enough).
-2 pcs green tomatoes, medium (middle-aged)

Tools used:
-Cobek stone or wood.
Uleg stone or wood.

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How to cook:

-Terasi, red onions, tomatoes baked first.
-Salt, pepper, sugar, kencur and or ginger crushed until smooth.
-Mix the shrimp paste, onions and tomatoes, crushed, united.
-Give warm water, estimated to be enough.

How to serve:

-Choose your favorite menu, like grilled chicken or others.
-A little ground, so that sauce cobek sink.
-Put the main menu above Sambal Cobek.


-Use kencur and ginger, can be one or both are used.
Better-served with raw vegetables / Lalaban (such as cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce and others).


Sagala rupi masakan cobek, khas ala urang sunda pasisian, karesep karuhun urang baheula, diantawisna :

- Cobek hayam;
- Cobek lauk emas,mujaer nila, lele,patin, gurame;
- Cobek peuteuy;
- Cobek turubus;
- Cobek terong buleud, panjang;
- Cobek genjer;
- Cobek kangkung;
- Cobek tomat hejo ngora.
- Cobek oncom hideung.
- Cobek sampeu.
- Cobek daun taleus/bolang.
- Cobek lauk gabus/ jambal.
- Cobek honje ( Sambel Obama).

Mangga cobian, sabari tuang sakantenan ngarwahkeun.